GM – en spegelbild av USA:s färdriktning

George Reisman ger sin syn på GM, slöseriet med miljarder dollar och den generella färdriktningen på välståndsutvecklingen i landet som president Obama är satt att regera, i inlägget ”GENERAL MOTORS, RIP”:

…”What has happened to General Motors is symbolic of what is happening to the United States. The United States is being destroyed economically and culturally by irrational theories and policies. The standard of living of its people is falling. Government officials are preparing to accelerate the fall by means of the imposition of insane policies designed to curtail energy consumption and roll back the production of wealth. The American people have elected a President who has expressed regret that the Supreme Court “never entered into the issues of redistribution of wealth” because it “didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.” […]

På grund av Googles uppenbara inkompetens, oansvarighet och feghet så kommer Reisman att flytta sin blogg till WordPress.

[…] Whatever the explanation, Google in this case has shown itself to be incompetent, grossly irresponsible, and cowardly. It apparently does not care about the consequences of its actions or show any readiness to correct them or willingness even to hear about them. Nothing less than a public campaign is required to get its attention. This is not a good performance for a company whose motto is supposedly, “Don’t Be Evil.” What Google has done in this case is evil.


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