The Bono Syndrome

James Delingpole berättar om en journalist, Lucy Bannerman, på The Times som haft en pratstund med Bob Geldof om hans u-landshjälp, hans skatter och inkomster. Det blev tydligen mer snack kring det förstnämnda och absolut inget snack om det sistnämnda.

Hennes frågor om Geldofs skattemoral gjorde till slut att deras samtal mynnade ut i en sur och åt journalisten pekfingerviftande Bob Geldof och ilskna utrop om hur vågar hon föreläsa för Sir Bob Geldof om moral i ekonomiska spörsmål:

He explodes with rage. “I pay all my taxes. My time? Is that not a tax?

Delingpole svarar:

[…] Geldof seems to have fallen victim here to The Bono syndrome: the delusion that his saintly outreach work among the world’s poor and oppressed somehow renders him beyond the realm of ordinary mortals.

So, for example, when you or I slave away at our jobs, the time we spend at work is just time.

But when Geldof expends his own time it’s so valuable it magically transubstantiates into a form of taxation. Give us a break, Bob.

Geldof believes that our government should give more of it (ekonomiskt bistånd. min anm.). But since our government has no money of its own […] what he’s actually saying is that he thinks that we poor bloody taxpayers should give more of our money to the third world. Those of us unfortunate enough not to have non-dom status, that would be.

[…] when it comes to the issue of our money, that is not your affair, but our affair. It is not for rock stars to urge our government to squander it on schemes to help struggling Indians to buy more fighter jets or African dictators to buy more ebony and platinum statues of themselves modelled on Julius Caesar because most of us who have read anything about the subject happen to be aware that it is a complete ****ing waste of time.

Trade, good. Free markets, good.

Aid, bad. Tax, bad.

Economics 101 over. Now shut up and leave us alone.

Bloggen Tax Research UK, säger följande:

Actually Bob, lots of us would like to lecture you on your tax morals if you don’t pay in full what somebody else living in the UK might owe. I stress we don’t know whether you do or not, but you had the option of saying you do and got angry instead, which makes me think you’ve got something to get angry about.


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