Centralbank är centralplanering och prisreglering

Daily Bell om fenomenet med Centralbanker i, ”Centralbanking is Central Planning”:

[…] Central banks fix the price of money and its value. And price fixing never works. The Fed, controlling the world’s reserve currency, is the most powerful central bank and the most destructive. The destruction accomplished under Bernanke will linger long after he slips away.

[…] The result is threefold. First, there are literally trillions locked away on bank books that can circulate if and when Western economies become more active. Second, when the money DOES begin to circulate, interest rates will inevitably begin to move up, causing countries like the US to devote more and more cash to interest payments.

Finally, so much money printing has almost terminally distorted the US’s economic picture. Companies that should have failed have not and markets – especially stock markets – have moved up hard because so much paper and electronic money has been printed.

[…] When one looks back at the current era of ruinous Fed policies, one will be struck by two things: The rashness of Ben Bernanke’s actions and the surprising consensus surrounding him regarding perhaps the most egregious example of money printing ever launched within a modern establishment context.

Det vi ser världen över är den eskalerande perfekta ekonomiska globala krisen. När tillräckligt många katastrofer skadat det nuvarande finansiella och ekonomiska systemet innebär det bara att det är moget för ännu större och ännu mer av globalisternas centralplanerande åtgärder.